Meril Wubslin share first single, ‘Un Calme’, off upcoming fourth LP, Faire Ça

March 1st will see the release of Faire Ça, the fourth album from Meril Wubslin, following 2021’s Alors Quoi. Comprising Christian Garcia-Gaucher (vocals, guitar and synths), David Costenaro (drums), both based in Lausanne, Switzerland, and Valérie Niederoest (vocals and guitar), based in Brussels, Belgium, the trio continues to evolve and expand their sound palette. On the upcoming Faire Ça, Meril Wubslin travelled to London to record the album with Kwake Bass, known for his membership in Speakers Corner Quartet and collaborations with Kae Tempest, Tirzah, Mica Levi, amongst others. “What unites us,” the band said, “is curiosity and the desire to seek and explore. If we continue to make albums and perform, there will always be evolution. Taking risks – that’s what interests us.”

Sonically, the album matches the trio’s wider sense of scope and vision, tapping into myriad influences, “stack[ing] up the intimacy of blues and folk, the experimentation of post-rock and 1960s minimalism, and the heady production values of dub and hip-hop”, as the press release describes. “Their appreciation for avant-garde composers such as Steve Reich, Glenn Branca and Terry Riley, plus folk music from Eastern Europe, North Africa and sub-Saharan Africa informs how the trio arrange rhythm and melody, and pushes them to greater heights on Faire Ça.”

Ahead of the album’s release through Bongo Joe Records, lead single ‘Un Calme’ provides an excellent glimpse of what’s to come.

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