ZA! + Perrate to release collaborative album, Jolifanto; listen to second single ‘La Milonga’

Wonderful news from one of our favourite outfits, Catalan high-energy duo ZA!. They have joined forces with Andalusian Flamenco singer Perrate for a collaborative album. Entitled Jolifanto, it is a meeting of minds between two powerful musical forces from distante corners of Spain, who embrace experimentalism and radicalism. Rooted in the Dadaist spirit, Jolifanto takes its name from Hugo Ball’s seminal phonetic poem Karawane, which was first recited at the Cabaret Voltaire in 1916.

Jolifanto arrives on March 22nd through Lovemonk and they have unleashed a new single called ‘La Milonga’. Epitomizing the bold fusion they have in store for us, ‘La Milonga’ begins with Perrate’s raw and stripped-back vocals and guitar before seamlessly transitioning into a vocoder-laden exploration, aptly described as “an Iberian Lemon Jelly for the enlightened”. Perrate comments:

“I don’t care what the most radical traditionalist minds may think of this or any other work I do. This is my time and I intend to live it according to my way of feeling and living flamenco – my ancestors had a lot to do with the birth of this culture, and each of them created according to their feelings and their time. And I do the same.”

Take a listen to ‘La Milonga’ below.

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