Amy Aileen Wood teases debut album, The Heartening, with lead single ‘Rolling Stops’ ft Fiona Apple

Photo: Amy Aileen Wood

LA-based Grammy Award-winning drummer and producer Amy Aileen Wood is stepping into the spotlight with her upcoming LP, The Heartening. Known for her multifaceted talents as a composer, engineer, and multi-instrumentalist, Wood has spent years honing her craft behind the scenes, collaborating with an impressive roster of artists including Fiona Apple, St. Vincent, David Garza, The Donnies The Amys and Shirley Manson, among others.

Despite her reluctance when first approached by producer Pete Min of Colorfield Records, Wood embraced the challenge of creating her own album, guided by Min’s vision. “My motivation was entirely fear based,” she explains, “I think my first question for Pete was, ‘are you sure?’ But it’s always good to get out of your comfort zone. And ultimately it was equal parts uncomfortable and rewarding.”

Drawing inspiration from diverse musical influences, from 90s hip-hop and punk rock to artists like Floating Points and Brian Eno, The Heartening is a captivating debut paradoxically blending tranquility and frenzy. The album features guest contributions from Daphne Chen, Nicole McCabe, Wayne Whittaker, and Kelsey Wood, as well as cameo appearances from Fiona Apple, Sebastian Steinberg, and John Would.

The Heartening arrives on April 29th through Colorfield Records and we can already hear the lead single ‘Rolling Stops’. Of the track, Wood says:

“”Rolling Stops” captures raw, playful performances in a stream of consciousness. It began with a drum take, shaped and slowed down by producer Pete Min, setting the tone. I then added layers of percussion and Kalimba. Inviting friends Fiona Apple, Sebastian Steinberg, Wayne Whittaker, and Nicole McCabe to contribute unfiltered, spontaneous takes propelled this musical exploration to new heights.”

Sublime, unfettered and pulsating, ‘Rolling Stops’ is after your ears.

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