The Oscillation announce new album, The Start Of The End, and share video for title track

Following their introspective Singularity Zone series,  The Oscillation are back with a rejuvenated spirit and a new album titled The Start Of The End. Marking a departure from previous works, the new album is driven by optimism and a reevaluation of life’s essence. Embracing more light and shade than before, The Start Of The End is an album of hope and renewal, signaling a brighter tomorrow, and as the press release describes, it “is a result of spiritual and physical re-charging and cleansing.”

Escaping the confines of the bustling cityscape, Demian Castellanos, the mastermind behind The Oscillation, found inspiration in his new surroundings. Castellanos comments:

“When I made my new home, I allowed myself time to do nothing for a while, and I then started some new songs without worrying about them being on an album. I just wrote with the mindset to put out something positive.

I did a lot of reflecting on the past and really wanted to change something in myself, but not knowing how and thinking that a lot of people must be feeling the same way.”

Reflecting on how the album started, he says:

“Writing and recording in an environment where I had little contact with people, no hanging out or partying or even having conversations was very interesting.”

The Start Of The End arrives on May 24th through All Time Low and ahead of it The Oscillation have unveiled its heavenly title track. It comes with a video accompaniment directed by Julian Hand and you can watch it below.

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