corto.alto unveils 30/108: a track a day for 30 days

Glaswegian prodigious multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer corto.alto took us by storm last year with his debut album Bad With Names, which was one of our Album Picks of the Year. Liam Shortall, the trombone wizard at the helm of the project, has today unveiled an ambitious project. Entitled 30/108, it will see him release 30 tracks in 30 days through Bridge The Gap x New Soil. Liam explains how the project came about:

“After an intense 2 years of creating ’Bad With Names’ I was slightly burned out but excited to get back to writing new music. Once that album was finally finished, I knew I had 6 months of promotion before the album was released. During this time I produced 108 new demo ideas. Fast forward to the beginning of 2024, I had 108 ideas in a folder on my laptop that I knew if I didn’t finish they would never be heard by anyone – I then decided to dedicate the following 4 months to finishing 30 of these tracks; recording with some of my favourite musicians.”

Some of the musicians who collaborated with Liam on the project include Graham Costello (drums), Fergus McCreadie (piano) and Mateusz Sobieski (tenor saxophone).

The treasure chest that is 30/108 is unlocked today with lead single ‘Chubbby (48)’. Check it out below and be sure to stay tuned over the next 30 days for a fresh tune dropping every day!

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