Touché share new single and remix of previous cut by Daedelus

Los Angeles based outfit Touché have just released their new single ‘I’m A Man Not A Machine’ last Tuesday. 
The duo of multi-instrumentalists Alex Lilly (The Living Sisters, Obi Best, The Bird and the Bee, Ry Cooder, Nick Lowe) and Bram Inscore (Twin Shadow, Beck, Thurston Moore, Charlotte Gainsbourg) create “anthemic pop pieces darkened by the desires of the human heart and sharpened by personal politics” as the press release describes.

The new single comes with a remix by Lee Cooper, the moniker used by Wynne Bennett of Twin Shadow, and you can grab it free here.

The pair are also sharing a brand new remix of previously released single ‘Snow White’ by Daedelus,  Listen to ‘I’m A Man Not A Machine’ and straight after listen to ‘Snow White’ (Daedelus’ Pig Hearted remix).

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