Watch the 22-minute video for Dan Deacon’s ‘USA’ suite

Dan Deacon - USA

Dan Deacon‘s latest album, America, culminated with a four-song suite called ‘USA’ and featuring ‘USA I: Is a Monster’, ‘USA II: The Great American Desert’, ‘USA III: Rail”‘ and “USA IV: Manifest’.
Now, and coinciding with the recent release of a new single on the Adult Swim Singles series, Dan Deacon teamed up with director/editor Dave Hughes (Off The Air/Adult Swim) to create an epic 22-minute acompanying video for the entire suite. There’s no excuse to miss Deacon’s monumental suite and this amalgamation of footage including animals, cities, splashes of colours, tightrope walking and loads more. Enjoy.

America is out now via Domino.

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