Mixtape #46 by Orchestra of Spheres


We're huge fans of New Zealand's Orchestra of Spheres and their unique compositions, creativity, eccentricity and ecstatic live shows. Inspired by artists and bands from all over the place and a wealth of genres spanning from kuduro to free jazz and funk, from krautrock to Bornean sape music and Polynesian no wave prog, they are a singular band you oughta know if you don't already. Baba Rossa, E-Tonal-E, Tooth and Mos locos, who make up Orchestra of Spheres, all sent us awesome tracks for this month's mixtape. Give it a listen now!

  1. Sister Irene O’ Connor – Fire of God’s Love [Philips]
  2. Prince – Diamonds and Pearls [Paisley Park Records]
  3. Bobby Brown – Steamboat Mama [Destiny Records]
  4. The Beach Boys – Wonderful [Capitol Records]
  5. John Fahey – When The Catfish is in Bloom [Water / Revenant]
  6. Sendam Rawkustra – Syncopated Girl
  7. Patea Maori Club – Poi E [WEA / Jayrem Records]
  8. Les Rallizes Denudes – People Can Choose
  9. Lonnie Holley – Here I stand Knocking at Your Door [Dust-to-Digital]
  10. Sabjilar – Kogmen
  11. Sun Ra Quartet – Moon People [Atomic Records]
  12. Peter Jefferies – On An Unknown Beach [De Stijl / Xpressway]

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