Dad Rocks! set to release somophore album in September

Dad Rocks! - Year Of The Flesh

Dad Rocks! is the orchestral folk-pop project spearheaded by Iceland born, Denmark based multi-instrumentalist Snævar Njáll Albertsson. Following the 2011’s Mount Modern, the second album by Dad Rocks!, Year Of The Flesh, is set to be released on 29th September.
Feeling strongly about modern technology, specifically file-sharing and copyright issues, Albertsson references these in his lyrics. The album, just like his previous releases, is licensed under Creative Commons. Here’s what Albertsson said about ‘Major Labels’, one of the tracks featured in his debut album:

“It deals with the creative flow of the remix community, and how copyright laws stifle that flow. I feel a lot of different influences in my songs, and to me a lot of this music sort of already belongs to the public and to the culture. All we really do is write songs based on previous songs. This isn’t a strategy to spread my songs more, as we now have streaming services and what not – it’s more like a statement, that my music is part of something bigger than me.”

The heartfelt and wondrous ‘Body Mass Index’ featuring the Aarhus Brass Band is the second single to emerge from Year Of The Flesh. Listen to it below and grab your copy of the album via Dad Rocks!’ bandcamp.

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