Little Tornados launch crowdfunding campaign to release album on vinyl

Little Tornados

At the end of last year, we learnt about Little Tornados, a new band founded by activist and film maker David Thayer and Laetitia Sadier, with the addition of Bjoern Magnusson, Marlen Groher and Moritz Schaeder.
Formed through activism and “with aspirations to help end political tyranny wrought by capitalist greed and the self-serving sadists and fools who currently run our society” as they put it, the band’s songs embody their political engagement in terms of content.

We’ve known for a while that they have been working on their debut album, We Are Divine, due out on September 1st. Set to be released on vinyl, Little Tornados are now asking fans to help fund the pressing and production costs and have launched a crowdfunding campaign via Indiegogo. Some of the perks fans will receive in exchange for pledging include copies of the upcoming album, a private singing lesson with Laetitia Sadier and even getting to use their studio in Switzerland for a day. For a complete list of pledges, head over here.

Check out below the video for ‘Manifest’, written by David and Laetitia as the bands’ own manifesto. And to entice you further, after the video listen to another excellent song off We Are Divine called ‘Free Your Mind’. The text is taken from a Lorde’s Grammy award acceptance speech which was actually censored and didn’t air. The text used in the song is a fake version written by the satire site Snoopman News.

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