William Ryan Fritch offers new single from upcoming album Revisionist

William Ryan Fritch - Revisionist

William Ryan Fritch‘s next instalment from the Leave Me Sessions subscription series comes in the format of a full-length album, Revisionist, and it drops on February 10th via Lost Tribe Sound.
Celebrating the immense work of the gifted and prolific Oakland-based composer, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, the label has agglomerated Fritch’s compositions and songs from the last couple of years into the Leave Me Sessions subscription series. It features over six hours of his music spanning  three full-length physical albums, one full-length digital album, four EPs and two subscriber only soundtrack.
As with previous works, Revisionist was made entirely using second-hand and found instruments. To bring the album to life, Fritch enlisted the help of Benoit Pioulard, D.M. Stith, Origamibiro and Esme Patterson. “These inspired partnerships take Fritch’s instrumentation and craft to new destinations, employing new techniques while furthering its immediacy and appeal”, says the press release.
Revisionist is now available to pre-order and you can also get it along with the rest of the Leave Me Sessions Series here.

Now let yourself be taken by the warm, haunting and majestic ‘In Denial’, the latest single lifted from the upcoming album. And check out the deluxe LP book trailer straight after.

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