Midday Veil’s third album, This Wilderness, arrives in September

Miday Veil - This Wilderness

Earlier this month, Seattle’s Midday Veil announced the release of their third album, This Wilderness. It follows their 2013’s The Current and is due out on September 11th via Beyond Beyond is Beyond.
This Wilderness sees co-founding members member Emily Pothast and David Golightly, and core members Garrett Moore, Jayson Kochan, and Timm Mason, assembling a stellar cast of guests, including Bernie Worrell (Parliament, Funkadelic), Eyvind Kang and Skerik.

With the previous album, Midday Veil “could be viewed as the band emerging from their kosmische chrysalis, unfurling previously unheard banners of both colour and control”, describes the press release. It adds that their upcoming album “is the sound of the band under the self-imposed hypnosis of that emergence, extending the voyage with even more discipline than ever before”.

Serving as the album’s first taste, ‘Babel’ is a delightfully engaging track overflowing with rich instrumentation and a mesmerizing vocal delivery. Undoubtedly one to listen to again and again.

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