Brian Shankar Adler’s seventh album, Fourth Dimension, out now

Fourth Dimension, the seventh album from extraordinary percussionist/composer Brian Shankar Adler, hit shelves last week and we may be a little late picking this up but we were clearly missing out. Featuring eleven magnificent compositions immensely multifaceted, drawing from an array of genres, from jazz and rock to psychedelia and experimental music, Fourth Dimension is inspired and informed by Adler’s spiritual upbringing in an ashram. “I remember we would spend one month each year in silence. It was quite profound, because we started hearing the world in another way.” said Adler, adding: “After looking into the mind’s eye and becoming comfortable with what is brewing from within, the outside world appeared to be a reflection of that source.”

A storm of sound, Fourth Dimension is a sublime, bewitching and adventurous record that will leave no one untouched. For a tantalizing taster from it, here’s the two singles that preceded its release, ‘Gowanus’ and ‘Mantra’. The latter is offered with an accompanying video animated by Tenis Studio.

Fourth Dimension is out now through Chant Records