Fabiano do Nascimento & Sam Gendel team up for collaborative album, The Room

Incredibly ambitious and creative, and a mainstay in the Los Angeles’ contemporary jazz scene, Sam Gendel is both prolific and fluid in a variety of genres, constantly rolling out new solo and collaborative works. The multi-instrumentalist and producer’s latest venture saw him team up with LA-based Brazilian 7-string guitarist Fabiano do Nascimento and a 10-track instrumental album entitled The Room is the fruit of this union.

“In 2011 I was in a Latin jazz group called Triorganico,” do Nascimento explained. “We had a gig at a restaurant owned by Sam’s cousin, who invited him along. Sam brought his sax and sat in.” He continues, “We were making music that we had a real mutual appreciation for,I was always joking that Sam should play flute, and he tried multiple things before he got this unique [flute] sound out of his soprano. Most people don’t actually realise that it’s a saxophone.”

Each track on the upcoming The Room taps “into the rhythms and regions of a South America without borders”, as the press release describes, and some draw from indigenous melodies, and popular old Brazilian tunes.

We’ll have to wait until January 26th for The Room to be out through Real World Records but we can already hear the gorgeous and celestial first single, ‘Foi Boto’ . Here it is.

Sam Gendel and Marcella Cytrynowicz to release collaborative instrumental visual album, AUDIOBOOK, this friday

Sam Gendel stands as one of the most ambitious and creative musicians out there, maintaining a constant prolific recording output, both solo and with collaborators. The multi-instrumentalist and producer is ready to release a new collaborative album this friday, which sees him team up with filmmaker and visual artist Marcella Cytrynowicz. Entitled AUDIOBOOK, the album features 13 alphabetically-named tracks, each with a corresponding illustration, “that feel like dispatches from outer space, or unearthed ancient runes”, as the press release describes. Cytrynowicz drew the illustrations freehand on 8.5×11 pieces of paper, and at the same time Gendel composed the music next to her, using mostly a Suzuki Waraku III. “It makes it easy to explore,” Gendel explained. “In the same way Marcella describes how she draws, I sort of unlock these weird puzzles in my own mind, and sometimes just having one interface to deal with takes that mental pressure off. It has a strange quality sonically, too… I just gravitate toward that.”

Speakig about the visual album, Gendel adds:

“It’s the sound of us just individually trusting ourselves, and then aligning the two together and letting them meet, and also trusting in that. I don’t think about it that directly, though – this isn’t art inspired by art. I would say this is just a piece showing two people trusting in their subconscious and then trusting in that meeting point, wherever that is. And shepherding it along.”

Gendel and Cytrynowicz shared today the third and final single from AUDIOBOOK ahead of its release on October 6th through Psychic Hotline. It follows previous singles ‘CD’ and ‘IJ’. Listen to them all below.

Sam Gendel announces new album, SUPERSTORE, and shares three new tracks

A mainstay in the Los Angeles’ contemporary jazz scene, it’d be easy to forget about all the releases and collaborations multi-instrumentalist and producer Sam Gendel is involved in. Just last year, Gendel added to his bountiful catalog AE-30, a film and audio album, a collaborative album with Sam Wilkes and another with Ethan Braun, a two-track digital single released through Nonesuch records, and a plethora of other musical offerings. Last year Gendel has also released a 52-track solo album, Fresh Bread, and he’s ready to follow it up with SUPERSTORE, a 34-song all genre record featuring unreleased music from personal archives of solo recordings and collaborations with players like Blake Mills, Gabe Noel, Kevin Yokota, and Philippe Melanson.

SUPERSTORE is set for release on June 10th through Leaving Records amd Gendel has let loose three cuts from it, ‘Blueblackred’, ‘La Guerra di Pierro’, and ‘Gu Shi’ ft. Blake Mills. Take a listen below.

Sam Gendel set to release film and audio album, AE-30, next week

Sam Gendel has been on a roll, treating us to countless stunning compositions. This year alone he unleashed a 52-track solo album, Fresh Bread, collaborated with Moses Sumney on ‘Can’t Believe It’, remixed Celia Hollander’s ’12:55 PM’, had a two-track digital single out on Nonesuch records featuring his interpretations of Duke Ellington’s ‘Isfahan’ and Cal Massey’s ‘My Little Suede Shoes’ and released two collaborative albums, one with Sam Wilkes, Music For Saxofone & Bass Guitar More Songs, and another with Ethan Braun, Rio Nilo 66. But the year is not over and he has another treat in store for us called AE-30. The effort is a film and audio album of his Sam Gendel x Roland AE-30 Aerophone Pro Digital Wind Instrument documentary, and was filmed by Marcella Cytrynowicz in remote locations in Iceland last August. The film and audio album will be released on December 8th through Leaving Records and ahead of it, Gendel has let loose the opening track, ‘BLKSND’. Listen to it below and straight after check out the AE-30 trailer.

Sam Gendel & Sam Wilkes set to release Music For Saxofone & Bass Guitar More Songs later this month

Two prominent names in the Los Angeles’ contemporary jazz scene and in-demand collaborators, Sam Gendel and Sam Wilkes released Music For Saxofone & Bass back in 2018. The pair are ready to follow it up with Music For Saxofone & Bass Guitar More Songs, a record featuring nine tracks from their live performance archives, including new songs and covers. Music For Saxofone & Bass Guitar More Songs arrives on July 21st through Leaving Records and ahead of it Gendel and Wilkes have shared ‘Cold Pocket’. Take a listen.

Mixtape #122

We are thrilled to have Bandler Ching kick off the year with our first mixtape of 2021. The Brussels based quartet, led by composer and saxophonist Ambroos De Schepper, swept us away with their effortless and groovy blend of contemporary jazz, electronics, hip-hop and noise. Their sterling first EP, Sub Surface, came out last autumn and with a debut album set for release this year, it’s a given that Bandler Ching will be making a splash in 2021. So it's with great joy that we present the phenomenal mix they put together for us. Feast your ears on this!

  1. Pierre Schaeffer – Étude Violette [INA-GRM / Librairie Séguier]
  2. Carate Urio Orchestra – Lover [Klein]
  3. Visible Cloaks – Terrazzo (ft. Motion Graphics) [Rvng Intl.]
  4. SCHNTZL – Tujiko [W.E.R.F.]
  5. Connan Mockasin – I’m The Man, That Will Find You [Phantasy Sound / Because Music]
  6. Earl Sweatshirt ft. Knxwledge – Balance [adult swim]
  7. Kate Tempest – Firesmoke [American Recordings]
  8. Shungu – Page 20: I Feel In Exile [Hot Record Societe]
  9. D’Angelo – Chicken Grease [Virgin / EMI]
  10. Bill Withers – Kissin’ My Love [A&M Records]
  11. WHOMAN – Shiny
  12. Sam Gendel & Sam Wilkes – Kiefer No Melody [Leaving Records]
  13. Sam Amidon – Light Rain Blues [Nonesuch]
  14. Thom Yorke – Runwayaway [XL Recordings]
  15. Frank Harris & Maria Marquez – Canto del Pilon [Third Wave Productions]
  16. Soft Focus – Flowers [San-kofa Rhythm Records]