Sam Gendel and Marcella Cytrynowicz to release collaborative instrumental visual album, AUDIOBOOK, this friday

Sam Gendel stands as one of the most ambitious and creative musicians out there, maintaining a constant prolific recording output, both solo and with collaborators. The multi-instrumentalist and producer is ready to release a new collaborative album this friday, which sees him team up with filmmaker and visual artist Marcella Cytrynowicz. Entitled AUDIOBOOK, the album features 13 alphabetically-named tracks, each with a corresponding illustration, “that feel like dispatches from outer space, or unearthed ancient runes”, as the press release describes. Cytrynowicz drew the illustrations freehand on 8.5×11 pieces of paper, and at the same time Gendel composed the music next to her, using mostly a Suzuki Waraku III. “It makes it easy to explore,” Gendel explained. “In the same way Marcella describes how she draws, I sort of unlock these weird puzzles in my own mind, and sometimes just having one interface to deal with takes that mental pressure off. It has a strange quality sonically, too… I just gravitate toward that.”

Speakig about the visual album, Gendel adds:

“It’s the sound of us just individually trusting ourselves, and then aligning the two together and letting them meet, and also trusting in that. I don’t think about it that directly, though – this isn’t art inspired by art. I would say this is just a piece showing two people trusting in their subconscious and then trusting in that meeting point, wherever that is. And shepherding it along.”

Gendel and Cytrynowicz shared today the third and final single from AUDIOBOOK ahead of its release on October 6th through Psychic Hotline. It follows previous singles ‘CD’ and ‘IJ’. Listen to them all below.

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