Secret Chiefs 3 tease three albums with new tracks ‘The System of Antichrist’ and ‘Bereshith ‘

Secret Chiefs 3 -  THE SYSTEM OF ANTICHRIST  BereshithSecret Chiefs 3 had previously announced the release of two new albums and as if that wasn’t exciting enough, they have now upped the offer. The revolving ensemble of musicians led by guitarist/composer Trey Spruance are gearing up to release three new albums and they’ve just released two new monumental songs to help fundraise the records. The band, whose musical explorations span genres as diverse as Middle Eastern music, surf rock, death metal, classical and electronic music, have existed in a number of different incarnations. Each of the songs they are sharing are from one of these different formations. ‘The System of Antichrist’ is lifted from Secret Chiefs 3: Traditionalists and ‘Bereshith’ is tied to Secret Chiefs 3: Ishraqiyun.

In an accompanying note, Spruance writes the following:

“Secret Chiefs 3. “Upsizing” when we should be “downsizing”…
We find ourselves in an era where all logic says “simplify, streamline, make a duo or trio version of the band” or “let technology carry the heavy weight”, but we refuse this line of thinking… totally REFUSE!
While it may be sad that musical ensembles made up of multiple humans might be going the way of the dodo, for an audacious spirit there is nothing better than a LOST CAUSE…
The perfect time to defy all of it is NOW.
So let’s go big, not small…”

Spruance ends inviting us to lend our ears to ‘The System of Antichrist’ and ‘Bereshith’.  Listen to both below and head over to their bandcamp to download the tracks and see further info on these releases.

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