Watch Diagrams’ video for ‘I Tell Myself’ off new album Dorothy

Diagrams - I Tell MyselfDiagrams, the project of Sam Genders, has just released a new full-length album last Friday through Bookshop Records. Entitled Dorothy, the album is named after Dorothy Trogdon, the 90-year old American poet with whom he collaborated to bring this album to life. With both interested and writing about similar subjects, and after turning one of her poems into a song, Genders asked her to help him write some songs. Dorothy explains how she felt about the project:

“As Sam reached out to me, I quickly felt my work was in respectful hands. We understood each other, were compatible in our means of expression. When we finally met in person here on Orcas Island, so far away from Britain, our friendship only deepened. My poems were out in the world seeking a reader, they met Sam who replied with music and a conversation began. Which is how all creation starts. We make nothing new alone.”

Coinciding with the album’s release, Diagrams has unveiled a video for the beautiful and jubilant third single ‘I Tell Myself’, directed by Ewan Jones-Morris. “The song is partly about accepting all those millions of thoughts and perceptions that move through our consciousness from moment to moment,” explained Genders. “The video is full of colour and light and has that sense of everything constantly changing.”

Take a look below.

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