Tropical Fuck Storm set to release third album, Deep States, in August

Last month Tropical Fuck Storm announced the release of Deep States, their third album following 2019’s Braindrops. The Australian four piece continues to craft killer tunes blending everything from post punk and rock to psychedelia and pop, whilst also outlining real-world issues in the socio-political context of our times. On Deep States, “the band chronicles weird adventures in statecraft and surveillance, ponders the global infatuation with resurgent fascisms”, describes the press release. “Tropical Fuck Storm shines an incandescent light on a world in which corporate media, bad-faith leaders, and charismatics of all stripes lose the ability to recognize their own deceptiveness.”

Alongside the album announcement, Tropical Fuck Storm have shared the first brilliant and blistering single ‘G.A.F.F.’, which stands for ‘Give A Fuck Fatigue’. Speaking about it, the band said:

“‘Give A Fuck Fatigue’ is an ode to the occasional dispassion brought about by the mandatory concern for every perceived injustice that happens, has happened and might yet happen that is being foisted upon the masses by super-yacht dwelling tech barons who monetise our indignation.”

‘G.A.F.F.’ is offered with a video directed by Oscar O’Shea. Here it is.

Deep States will hit stores on August 20th through Joyful Noise.

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