Serafim Tsotsonis’ I Am the Sum of my Parts EP out now

We hadn’t kept up with the latest offering from Serafim Tsotsonis but we were clearly missing out. I Am the Sum of my Parts, a 6-track EP released last May, is the most recent work from the wonderful and prolific Greek composer, electronic musician and producer. A beautifully crafted EP, I Am the Sum of my Parts takes cues from neo-classical, ambient, drone, post-rock and modern electronic sounds and finds Tsotsonis showcasing his songwriting and multi-instrumental talents playing and manipulating nearly all the instruments featured on the EP. The pieces feel intimate and cinematic, enveloped by serenity with eerie undertones. Swaying from light to dark, the EP contains multitudes and is at once daring and fragile, blissful and ominous.

I Am the Sum of My Parts “conveys messages through an idiolect, carrying the gifts of an inner, secret world”, as the EP’s accompanying blurb describes. “Pieces that sound like delicate, precious, colorful tissues fluttering in the wind.. Inspiration, innerness, elegance, artistry. Profound music goes hand in hand with poetry..”

For a taster of the EP, listen to the compelling ‘Vesper’ below and let yourself drift away.

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