Mixtape #141


Cal Folger Day's strength and talent as a songwriter, composer and multi-instrumentalist is utterly impressive. Folding a myriad of references and influences into her style, her music is quirky, beguiling and thoughtful and always tells a story. Day released one of our favourite records this year, the conceptual avant-pop Piece-Dye. So we asked her to put together a mixtape with some of the artists and bands that have inspired her and we're stoked to unveil this gem opening a window onto her musical world.

  1. Julie LaMendola – Nothing [Smockadoll Förlag] 00:00
  2. Ailbhe Nic Oireachtaigh – Purposelessness [KRUT] 01:36
  3. Kindergarteners at McDonogh – Umbrella 04:56
  4. Jane Siberry – Everything Reminds Me Of My Dog [Duke Street Records] 05:59
  5. Peter Ivers- In Heaven [RVNG Intl.] 10:15
  6. The Langley Schools Music Project – Help Me [Basta / Setanta] 12:59
  7. Nadah El Shazly – Palmyra [Nawa Recordings] 15:06
  8. Susan Alcorn arr. Janel Leppin – Mercedes Sosa [Ideologic Organ] 10:04
  9. Jinx Lennon – Pushin The Patients Round [Septic Tiger Records] 24:34
  10. The Roches – The Hallelujah Chorus [Warner Bros. Records] 27:45
  11. The Mamas and the Papas – Dedicated To The One I Love [RCA Victor] 31:08
  12. Jessica Lea Mayfield – Oblivious [ATO Records] 34:02
  13. Toby Goodshank – Baby I Feel Like I Just Got Cut In Half [BB*ISLAND] 37:15
  14. The Supremes – Standing At The Crossroads Of Love [Motown] 39:30
  15. Willie Nelson – Didn’t Sleep A Wink [Prestige Records Ltd.] 41:53
  16. Gian-Carlo Menotti – Good evening! Good evening! [TER Limited / MCA Classics] 44:01
  17. Leroy Jenkins, Mary Griffin – On The Road To Blountstown (A True Story) [Unseen Worlds] 44:26
  18. Myles Manley – I Heard Your Mum Call, Michael [Witter On] 51:19
  19. Christie Hennessy – Messenger Boy [Westwood Recordings] 53:13
  20. Annette Peacock – American Sport [Aura] 55:36
  21. Dublin Youth Theatre – Plastic (from George Carlin) 59:14

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