Mixtape #141

Cal Folger Day's strength and talent as a songwriter, composer and multi-instrumentalist is utterly impressive. Folding a myriad of references and influences into her style, her music is quirky, beguiling and thoughtful and always tells a story. Day released one of our favourite records this year, the conceptual avant-pop Piece-Dye. So we asked her to put together a mixtape with some of the artists and bands that have inspired her and we're stoked to unveil this gem opening a window onto her musical world.

  1. Julie LaMendola – Nothing [Smockadoll Förlag] 00:00
  2. Ailbhe Nic Oireachtaigh – Purposelessness [KRUT] 01:36
  3. Kindergarteners at McDonogh – Umbrella 04:56
  4. Jane Siberry – Everything Reminds Me Of My Dog [Duke Street Records] 05:59
  5. Peter Ivers- In Heaven [RVNG Intl.] 10:15
  6. The Langley Schools Music Project – Help Me [Basta / Setanta] 12:59
  7. Nadah El Shazly – Palmyra [Nawa Recordings] 15:06
  8. Susan Alcorn arr. Janel Leppin – Mercedes Sosa [Ideologic Organ] 10:04
  9. Jinx Lennon – Pushin The Patients Round [Septic Tiger Records] 24:34
  10. The Roches – The Hallelujah Chorus [Warner Bros. Records] 27:45
  11. The Mamas and the Papas – Dedicated To The One I Love [RCA Victor] 31:08
  12. Jessica Lea Mayfield – Oblivious [ATO Records] 34:02
  13. Toby Goodshank – Baby I Feel Like I Just Got Cut In Half [BB*ISLAND] 37:15
  14. The Supremes – Standing At The Crossroads Of Love [Motown] 39:30
  15. Willie Nelson – Didn’t Sleep A Wink [Prestige Records Ltd.] 41:53
  16. Gian-Carlo Menotti – Good evening! Good evening! [TER Limited / MCA Classics] 44:01
  17. Leroy Jenkins, Mary Griffin – On The Road To Blountstown (A True Story) [Unseen Worlds] 44:26
  18. Myles Manley – I Heard Your Mum Call, Michael [Witter On] 51:19
  19. Christie Hennessy – Messenger Boy [Westwood Recordings] 53:13
  20. Annette Peacock – American Sport [Aura] 55:36
  21. Dublin Youth Theatre – Plastic (from George Carlin) 59:14

Mixtape #77

With November comes a wonderful new mixtape lovingly assembled by Sandro Perri. An unrelentingly inventive musician, Perri writes, records, produces, mixes, remixes and masters not only his own work but also other artists. Under the moniker Off World, he just released the first of three volumes collecting unheard collaborative gems with other musicians and producers. Perri's vast and stylistically diverse work encapsulates genres like post-rock, dub, ambient, pop, jazz, folk and dance music among others. So here it is, in all its shining glory, the guest mixtape Sandro Perri created for us. Let it light up your day!