Off World shares ‘Impulse Controller’ single & announces final LP in trilogy

Off World artist image by Karl Sirovy

Sandro Perri unveiled Off World in 2016, a 3-volume project assembling a collection of his collaborative work with other producers over the past decade. 1 and 2 both made it to our Album Picks of the Year when they came out in 2016 and 2017 respectively, so release news of the final volume in the trilogy fills us with excitement. On the upcoming 3, the unrelentingly inventive musician assembles first time collaborations with Nicole Rampersaud (trumpet) and Martin Arnold (guitar), as well with previous contributors Jesse Zubot (violin) and Drew Brown, Matthew Cooper, Susumu Mukai and Andrew Zukerman on electronics.

3 features longer tracks than the previous volumes, with three of its five tracks clocking in around 10 minutes, “where overtly improvised instrumental playing wends its way across alternately bubbling and woozy electronic beds”, as the press release describes.

One of these longer tracks, ‘Impulse Controller’, emerges today as the first tantalizing single from the album. The track is described as a “languidly skewed rhumba where ambling melodic undercurrents and dubby electronic pointillism provide a dulcet promenade for Rampersaud’s Miles-esque trumpet excursions.” Take a listen below.

3 is out on November 3rd through Constellation 

Off World share new track from upcoming album 2

Last year, the unstoppable and creative musical force that is Sandro Perri, unleashed a new project, Off World, assembling a collection of his collaborative work with other producers and musicians. Set for release in three volumes, and a year on from the release of 1, which was one of our Album Picks of the Year, 2 is out this Friday through eternal favourite Constellation Records.
Off World, and as the label describes, “is alien electronics played humanly, resulting in genuinely exploratory and peculiarly sui generis electronic music that sounds like it could have issued from any time in the past 40-50 years.”

The spellbinding ‘Scrubdown’ serves as a perfect taste for Off World’s upcoming 2, magically lifting us to an intriguing and charming world. Take a listen now.

Mixtape #77

With November comes a wonderful new mixtape lovingly assembled by Sandro Perri. An unrelentingly inventive musician, Perri writes, records, produces, mixes, remixes and masters not only his own work but also other artists. Under the moniker Off World, he just released the first of three volumes collecting unheard collaborative gems with other musicians and producers. Perri's vast and stylistically diverse work encapsulates genres like post-rock, dub, ambient, pop, jazz, folk and dance music among others. So here it is, in all its shining glory, the guest mixtape Sandro Perri created for us. Let it light up your day!


Sandro Perri’s collaborative project Off World offer new track from upcoming album

Off World - Off World 1We usually get excited with all the releases that Constellation puts outs and recent news of Sandro Perri‘s forthcoming collaborative project has got us all the more excited. Under the moniker Off World, Perri brings to life a collection of his collaborative work with other producers, including Lorenz Peter (Corpusse, Processor), Drew Brown (Lower Dens, Blonde Redhead, Beck), Susumu Mukai (Zongamin), M J Silver (Mickey Moonlight) and Craig Dunsmuir (Glissandro 70, Kanada 70), and musicians Eric Chenaux and Jesse Zubot.
Set to be released in three volumes, the first one, Off World 1, drops on September 30th. The label describes it as “alien electronics played humanly, with real-world accents throughout”.
We had already heard the incredible first single ‘Wonder Farm’, and to entice us further, Perri has unveiled another track from Off World 1 called ‘Extraction’.