Sarathy Korwar shares third single ‘Remember To Look Out For The Signs’

As The Leaf Label prepares for the release of Sarathy Korwar‘s impending third album Kalak, a new mesmerizing single from the London based, American born and Indian bred percussionist, producer and composer is now streaming. Titled ‘Remember To Look Out For The Signs’, it follows previously released singles ‘Remember Begum Rokheya’ and ‘Utopia Is A Colonial Project’. “’Remember To Look Out For The Signs’ is currently my favourite song on the album,” Korwar said of the track. “Hypnotic and polyrhythmic drum grooves that epitomise the cyclicality of KALAK. It’s a warning call, a reminder that change happens incrementally and if we don’t pay attention, it might be too late.”

The single is offered with a visualiser filmed by Korwar and Fabrice Bourgelle. Watch it now.

Kalak is out on November 11th through The Leaf Label.

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