Sergio Díaz De Rojas shares ‘Holding her is where I learned forgiveness’ featuring Lo-Fang

As Sergio Díaz De Rojas prepares to release his new LP The Muerte en una tarde de verano, a third single from the Valencia based Peruvian pianist and composer, the gentle and moving ‘Holding her is where I learned forgiveness’, is now streaming. The track is a collaboration with multi-instrumentalist, producer and songwriter Lo-Fang aka Matthew Jordan nee Hemerlein, who comments:

“Sergio asked me in december of 2021 to write a few lyrics and sing a melody for a song he had written for his new album that was partly inspired by his grandfather going through the process of dying as well as his love for Seraphina. The image of an individual reflecting on the love experienced in this lifetime from the bittersweet comfort of a deathbed was the image I remember drawing from… whether I heard this correctly from Sergio’s lips or not remains to be seen. However it is that the lyrical content ended up being what it is isn’t quite important as being able to imagine this tender poignant time of release and gratitude which is at the essence of “Holding her is where i learned forgiveness”, a very long title, for a very brief and very powerful living melody.”

Speaking about their collaboration, Sergio also had this to say:

“Our paths crossed in Valencia, Spain, a few years ago, when the world was a bit different. I remember with clarity the day I visited his studio to improvise together. It was such a beautiful experience that it only felt natural to consider collaborating at some point. One day, while working on my new album, I wrote a piece that I felt was asking for something different. So, I sent it to him. He wrote the lyrics, sang them, and played violoncello too, taking the song to a whole new dimension.”

‘Holding her is where I learned forgiveness’ comes with an accompanying video directed by Tiago Almança. Watch it below.

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