Echoes of Zoo preview upcoming album with second single ‘Echolocation’

Belgian outfit Echoes of Zoo announced last month the release of their new album titled Speech of Species, and alongside it shared ‘Bee Jive’, an exhilarating track with balkan inflections and tinged with oriental ebullience. Ahead of the album release on May 12th through W.E.R.F. Records, they are teasing the record again with second single ‘Echolocation’, a scorching and playful track fusing “cumbia with dub with rock with jazz”. As Echoes of Zoo describe, ‘Echolocation’ is “an ode to bats, dolphins and other species who use a unique principle to be able to see, in the form of a fat cumbia groove”. The single comes accompanied by an animated video made by Laura Matikainen and you can watch it below.

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