Alabaster DePlume unveils brand new single ‘Salty Road Dogs Victory Anthem’

Photo: Julia Foster

New music from ingenious, thought-provoking and unpredictable spoken word artist, bandleader, composer, saxophonist and activist Alabaster DePlume is always a blessing. He has today shared ‘Salty Road Dogs Victory Anthem’, his first new single in a year, following the release of his magnificent album, GOLD, last year. Alabaster composed ‘Salty Road Dogs Victory Anthem’ live in a Vienna soundcheck alongside Rozi Plain on bass, drummer Momoko Gill and Conrad Singh on guitar, collaborators he calls “one of the most creative yet resilient groups I’ve put together”. Speaking about the track, he comments:

“Even this very second, passing your eyes over these words, is a victory. Breathing, you are victorious. Childishly standing with my flag and my anthem of “I’m alive” I’m victorious. See inside, how you have your own permission, to be. Celebrated or not by others, in one moment, always, or never. You know you are here and you know this is a victory. We can always be more ourselves, and we can always be less so. But there is no ceremony we must wait for, no test, no judgement, before we can sing our victory anthem.”

In addition to the digital release, the single will be available as a 7” flexi disc on May 19th though International Anthem, backed by a new digital-only track called “Child Playing In Forbidden Ruins,”.

Now lend your ears to the jubilant ‘Salty Road Dogs Victory Anthem’.

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