Nico Paulo unveils video for ‘The Master’ from self-titled debut album

Hot on the heels of her recently released self-titled debut album, St John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador based Portuguese songwriter Nico Paulo has unleashed a video to accompany the gorgeous ‘The Master’. Of the video and track, Paulo had this to say:

“Evoking romantic renaissance met with the natural elements around St. John’s, Newfoundland and a favourite beach in Portugal we gathered memories from a period of emotional intensity and recreated the sleepovers, the bonding around a fire, the laughter and tears, the hikes, the tireless chats and the time holding space for vulnerability and holding each other. This music video doesn’t just recreate human connection, sisterhood, empathy and heartbreak in an elegant way, but aspires for the observation of our surroundings and connection to space and nature. To stop and pay attention for a moment. The strength alive in the escarpment walls and the fragility of our fragmented memories of peace and ease can lead us.

‘The Master’ the song is largely about mastery over one’s own feelings. It’s an inquisitive song more than anything else as it looks to understand how people around you live and feel. In those times of upheaval where your feelings threaten to overcome you, this song looks to others and their ability to keep it together. It doesn’t tell us which way is better, it simply looks to encourage belief and change in ourselves, curiosity and intrigue in what’s to come, and the power of being honest.”

Jamie Miller and Nico Paulo directed the video and you can watch it now.

Nico Paulo is out now through through Forward Music Group

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