Listen to Ursa Major Moving Group’s new single ‘Reverse Invisible’

Photo: Hermione Russell

‘Reverse Invisible’ is the third new single lifted from Ursa Major Moving Group‘s upcoming self-titled debut album. On the new track, Ursula Russell, the London based multi-instrumentalist, composer and writer behind the project, delves into the theme of “alienation from belonging”, as she puts it recalling her own childhood alienation memories:

“I was a school refuser … I would lie in bed and feel like I could not even get up. It’s a child feeling like a total freak, going “Oh my god! What is this world? I’m too sensitive for this!”.

An utterly gorgeous and gripping ballad, ‘Reverse Invisible’ is a flood of emotions. Listen to it now and grab the album when it drops on June 9th through Faith & Industry Records.

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