Bibio releases new single, ‘Sorry (Won’t Cut It)’ feat. Olivier St. Louis, off upcoming Sunbursting EP

Bibio has a new treat for us as he released recently his latest single, ‘Sorry (Won’t Cut It)’, lifted from his upcoming Sunbursting EP. An ear charmer with a laid-back vibe, it features a guest contribution from Olivier St. Louis. Speaking about the EP, Bibio comments:

“Since the release of Ambivalence Avenue in 2009, I’ve followed up every one of my albums with at least one EP. Each of my albums feels like a distinct chapter in my life, and the EPs are a way of expanding a chapter before I move onto something entirely different. An EP is therefore a sort of satellite release to an album, and allows me to explore more ideas and variations within each chapter. Sunbursting EP is therefore part of the same world as BIB10, yet explores some new ideas and includes some new instruments and sounds.”

Sunbursting is out on September 22nd through Warp. Now listen to ‘Sorry (Won’t Cut It)’ feat. Olivier St. Louis.

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