Elena Setién’s new album, Moonlit Reveries, out this Friday

Photo: Pablo Axpe

This Friday will see the release of Elena Setién‘s new album, Moonlit Reveries, through Thrill Jockey. The upcoming album features drummer / percussionist Glenn Kotche, who she met when he was touring Spain with his band Wilco. The pair went on to join forces, inspiring one another. “Funnily enough, I, being a Spanish artist, sought inspiration in the rhythms of a Chicago drummer to reach something with a Latin feel to it,” Setién explained. “A somehow surrealistic way to get there.”

The album also features guitar more prominently than before, which the singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist pins down to Steve Gunn introducing her to the music of Bridget St. John. “What fascinated me right from the beginning, was the calmness in her voice and her low register. Her music inspired me to try to write songs with a guitar rather than a keyboard: there’s more space for the voice and the sound qualities of both voice and guitar kind of melt into each other.”

To get us enticed, Setién has shared two gorgeous cuts from the album, the title track and ‘Surfacing’. Listen to both below.

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