Adult Jazz return with their first new music in 8 years

Photo: Tash Cutts & Samuel Travis

All hail the return of Adult Jazz, who are back after a too-lengthy hiatus from making music. We fell for the Leeds-based experimental quartet back in 2013, the year before they released their incredible and widely acclaimed debut Gist Is, which remains a timeless favourite album of ours. Harry Burgess, Tim Slater, Steven Wells and Tom Howe, who make up Adult Jazz, have teased their come back a few times and we’re so pleased they have finally shared ‘Dusk Song’, their first new music in 8 years. “It’s loosely about slowness and panic coexisting,” explains Burgess, “and not really being able to comprehend those paces alongside each other when it comes to how to respond to the climate crisis.”

‘Dusk Song’ comes with accompanying visuals directed by Harry Burgess. Speaking about it, Burgess comments:

“I shot the video with my cousin in a river on boxing day 2022, after a day of festive comfort. It was freezing. We were both in the river and there had been a lot of rain. We had the alarm/flash setting on a camping light and we filmed in slow mo in one take. He is wearing these lorry inner tubes across him like a tunic – something Tim came up with on a stag do no less, and has stuck visually – and a cowl I got from Etsy.”

Full of brooding beauty, ‘Dusk Song’ is after your ears.

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