New accompanying visuals for Alexander Tucker’s ‘Andromeon’

Third Mouth is the sixth studio album by British avant-pop musician Alexander Tucker, written over a twelve-month period.
The album is out now in Europe and arrives on May 15th in the rest of the world via Thrill Jockey.

Tucker describes the album:
“Third Mouth is a little bit like therapy for me. It’s about the fact that when I was younger my mum would say she could speak in tongues because spirits were talking through her which used to freak me out. It is also about the idea of having a third mouth instead of a third eye. It was the idea of a voice coming through a person, as if they were a conduit from another world beyond this one.”

Last week Tucker released a video for the sci-fi influenced track ‘Andromeon’. In his own words, ‘Andromeon’ “has a totally sci-fi name, which doesn’t really have any real meaning but I imagined a sci-fi novel called ‘Andromeon’. On the track I’m playing the tambura with mallets which gives it that unique sound but the rest of the track has that real Spacemen 3, Loop, driving sound to it.”

Watch the video below, made by Tucker and Serena Korda. You can taste the album further with another mesmerizing track off it, ‘Window Sill’, embedded after the video. Enjoy.

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