Mixtape #35 by The Face

The Face on bandcamp
Last year, we were lucky to discover the experimental rock outfit The Face. Based in Los Angeles, the Pan-American combo blends varied influences into a sweet and rich musical smoothie. This month, they compiled an exuberant collection of 17 songs that might shed some light on their magical recipe.

  1. The Helio Sequence – Reh.Vuh.Lee / Give, Give, Give [Cavity Search]
  2. Tera Melos – So Occult/Kelly [Sargent House]
  3. Melt Banana – Lost Parts Stinging me So Cold [A-Zap]
  4. El Otro Yo – Violet [Besotico Records]
  5. Fun People – King of the Underground [Ugly Records]
  6. Dub Trio – Screaming at the Sea [ROIR]
  7. Dillinger – Ragnampiza [Island Records]
  8. Don Azpiazu & His Havana Casino Orchestra – El Manisero [Mr. Bongo WorldWide Limited]
  9. Los Destellos – Sacalagua [Odeon]
  10. Os Mutantes – A Minha Menina [Omplatten Records]
  11. Mahavishnu Orchestra – Meeting of the Spirits [Fire Power]
  12. Fugazi – Arpeggiator Demo [Dischord]
  13. Dimlite – On the Same Picture (with Elan Tamara) [Now-Again Records]
  14. Daisuke Tanabe – Artificial Sweetener [Circulations]
  15. Aphex Twin – 4 [Warp]
  16. Tunng – Arms [Full Time Hobby Recordings / Thrill Jockey]
  17. Neutral Milk Hotel – Holland, 1945 [Merge]

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