TaughtMe releases fifth album Am I Old?

TaughtMe - Am I Old

Sometimes, music conquers your heart as soon as it reaches your ears. That’s exactly what happened when we were introduced to Am I Old?, the recently released fifth full-length album from TaughtMe. Utah native, San Francisco resident Blake Henderson, the man behind the project, spent the last five years crafting this exquisite, beautiful and heartfelt album. Here’s a brief statement from Henderson about Am I Old?:

“I didn’t intend to build a collection of brooding monologues. I had even planned to avoid first-person pronouns altogether, imagining instead sonorous landscapes that flirt mindlessly beyond the ego. So I was quite troubled when “Am I Old?” and “The Kids” arrived: clearly human, undeniably egocentric. But they felt right! Gradually, as other tunes surfaced, I accepted that I was composing soliloquies and chose to own the fact rather than temper it. I then named the collection “Am I Old?” and decided to decorate the album with a single person toppling over. “Am I Old?” is my rawest album and my best try so far to get real deep.”

You can stream and/or buy Am I Old? via TaughtMe’s bandcamp. To entice you further, here’s two stunning songs off the album, ‘Into The Thicket’ and ‘Well Maybe’, the latter in the form of a video.

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