Mixtape #34

We have never been shy about our love for Portland based outfit AU, whose album Both Lights was an absolute favourite of ours in 2012. So it's with a wide grin that we unwrap this month's mixtape, straight from AU's prodigious mastermind Luke Wyland, who takes us on a wild perusal of his music collection, from his latest findings to his old time favourites.


James Blackshaw unleashes new album due out in April

James Blackshaw - Love is The Plan, The Plan is Death

British exquisite composer and guitar virtuoso James Blackshaw has to date graced us with eight full-length albums and other works.

James Blackshaw, who is well known for his 12-string guitar pieces, has just announced the release of his ninth album Love is The Plan, The Plan is Death.
The album features six original tracks titled after short stories from science fiction author James Tiptree Jr aka Alice B. Sheldon.

Love is The Plan, The Plan is Death was recorded in Chicago and it will be out on April 24th via Important Records.

Whilst we wait to hear any cuts from Love is The Plan, The Plan is Death, here’s the title track from the Holly EP released last September.