Mixtape #90

Last October guitarist and composer Samuel Hällkvist released Variety of Rhythm, a record that instantly got us under its spell. For the Copenhagen based Swedish musical wizard, the word prolific seems a bit of an understatement; Hällkvist has already contributed to more than 20 albums. With immense technical skills and an audacious and experimental approach to composition and improvisation, his work spans genres from jazz and country to metal and electronic. So we're ecstatic to have him at the helm of this month's mixtape, a collection of tracks filled with discoveries, surprises and beauty. We warmly recommend you jump aboard right away!

  1. Lars Hollmer – Stråk [Krax]
  2. Markus Reuter feat. Sonar & Tobias Reber – Condition I [Ronin Rhythm Records]
  3. Steve Reich – Sextet: 3rd Movement [nonesuch]
  4. Shitney – Magnetosphere Shower [ILK Music]
  5. mu-neujohn – Dynamismo [Impulse]
  6. György Ligeti – Musica Ricercata 7: Cantabile, Molto Legato [Verso]
  7. Nick Bärtsch’s Mobile – Modul 29 [Tonus-Music-Records]
  8. Ukandanz – Lantchi Biyé [Dur Et Doux / Bigoût Records]
  9. Terry Riley & Nice Opera String Quartet – Derveshum Carnivalis [Sri Moonshine Music]
  10. Art of Noise – The Army Now [Island Records / ZTT]
  11. The Omelettes – Elephant


Mixtape #70 by Za!

Spazzfrica Ehd (drums/keyboards/vocals) and Papa duPau (guitar/trumpet/samples/vocals) are the restless pair behind the experimental punk outfit Za!. Hailing from Barcelona, their euphorically inventive music defies conventions, seamlessly blending so many different genres that we would quickly run out of space trying to list them here. And the good thing is we don't have to since this month's mixtape, put together by the band, is probably the best illustration of the duo's far flung influences and disregard for boundaries. Enjoy the ride!


Next in line for ‘In C’ did their job

light show

Terry Riley‘s legendary piece keeps inspiring and educating minimalists since 1968 when his first recording was out. Amongst many favourite versions are the ones performed by Steve Reich/Piano Circus, Bang on a Can and Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O., not to mention the ones orchestrated by Riley himself.

Yesterday Cast the Dice was a witness to a great spectacle at the Barbican when two other great musicians performed their interpretation of this crazy musical patchwork. First on the stage was Matthew Herbert & Stargaze and they were good. But when Pantha du Prince took to the stage with The Bell Laboratory they blew us away! Cymbals, Xylophones, Marimbas, Vibraphones and unnumbered crazy bells. All of that dressed with the legendary analogue king of psychedelic live AV shows – Joshua Light Show. Now waiting for the release!

Below is the official video for ‘Spectral Split’, a track Pantha du Prince & The Bell Laboratory played in the encore. They were so into it that they were asked by the venue to stop playing – the concert was getting too long! Shame!

Mixtape #34

We have never been shy about our love for Portland based outfit AU, whose album Both Lights was an absolute favourite of ours in 2012. So it's with a wide grin that we unwrap this month's mixtape, straight from AU's prodigious mastermind Luke Wyland, who takes us on a wild perusal of his music collection, from his latest findings to his old time favourites.