Mixtape #34 by AU

We have never been shy about our love for Portland based outfit AU, whose album Both Lights was an absolute favourite of ours in 2012. So it's with a wide grin that we unwrap this month's mixtape, straight from AU's prodigious mastermind Luke Wyland, who takes us on a wild perusal of his music collection, from his latest findings to his old time favourites.

  1. Francis Bebey – Ngoma Likembe
  2. Skeletons – More Than The One Thing [Shinkoyo]
  3. V/A : Lullabies and Dream Songs – (excerpt) [Mississippi Records]
  4. This Heat – Health and Efficiency [Piano]
  5. Mount Eerie – Wooly Mammoth’s Absence [P.W. Elverum & Sun, Ltd.]
  6. Terry Riley – Across the Lake of the Ancient Word [CBS Masterworks]
  7. Lucky Dragons – My Are Singing [Marriage]
  8. Eric Chenaux – And So We Say [Constellation]
  9. Demetrio Stratos – Segmenti Quatro (excerpt) [Cramps Records]
  10. Wofa Gbe – Guinée : Percussion & Chants De La Basse-Côte [Buda]
  11. V/A : La Voix Bulgare – Altun Maro
  12. Talk Talk – New Grass [Verve, Polydor]
  13. Annie Kappianaq / Jeanne Arnainuk – Pirkusirartuq: Vocal And Throat-Games: Quananau, The Same
  14. Colin Stetson – The Stars in His Head [Constellation]
  15. Colleen – Everyone Alive Wants Answers [Leaf]
  16. James Blackshaw – The Cloud of Unknowing [Tompkins Square]
  17. Nina Simone – Images [Polygram Records]

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