Mixtape #65

Derbyshire based trio Haiku Salut conquered our ears with their sweet and quirky melodies and arrangements, crafted mostly using accordions, pianos, glockenspiels and ukuleles. Made up of Gemma and Sophie Barkerwood and Louise Croft, the band's two albums, Tricolore and Etch and Etch Deep, display their inventiveness and opens a window onto their unique and magical musical world, part folk, part classical and tinged with electronic influences. So we're thrilled to bits to start September with a marvellous mix of tracks picked by the band!


That Iron Taste by Marika Hackman

Marika Hackman - That Iron Taste

Very rarely there is a new artist with an ineffable quality that instantly registers strongly enough to make it seem obvious that they are on an unavoidable course towards doing some fantastic things. More scarce still is the artist that lives up to that initial impression.

With only one single and an ep of cover songs, strong as they may be, the jury was still out on Marika Hackman until the recent release of her first true album, That Iron Taste, and I’m more than pleased at the result, I feel like my hunch was steadfastly affirmed.

Opening at a jaunty pace that may cloak the darkness of the lyrics, though ultimately optimistic, “Bath Is Black” is fitting introduction to the Marika Hackman’s song-writting style. It’s this quality I value most in her songs: There is a constant self-assurance amongst much darkness.

Along with this release comes a video for “Cannibal”. On more than one occasion has someone mentioned “The Shining” while watching this video (and without fail how disgusting is it), but it is done in quite a beautiful way. Of the 7,000 views on YouTube, I can only guess at how many of them I am responsible for.

Closing out the album is the song that first caught my attention last summer, “You Come Down”. Seems she may appreciate cyclical themes as much as I do. I’ve been less than reserved about my appreciation and I feel it is a bit superfluous to suggest you give it a listen yourself but – you really should.

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