tyroneisaacstuart’s debut album, S!CK, out now; watch short film for album medley

tyroneisaacstuart‘s thrilling and supreme debut album, S!CK, came out last Friday. To celebrate the album release, the brilliant multidisciplinary artist has shared a medley in the shape of a short film combining the three acts that make the album, GUMBO, Apology and Peace. The film was directed by Eleanor Grace Hann and produced by Kevin Chemuka. Watch it below.

S!CK is out now through New Soil

Listen to tyroneisaacstuart’s new single ‘Knees’ ft. Moses Boyd & Theon Cross

tyroneisaacstuart seems to be a jack and master of all trades: saxophonist, rapper, dancer and producer – he does it all! This Autumn the London based multidisciplinary artist will release his debut album. Entitled S!CK, it is divided into three acts – GUMBO, Apology and Peace. According to the press release, the record “draws on the spirit of the traditional New Orleans dish to bring a mix of diasporic musical ingredients to tyroneisaacstuart’s work at the intersection of jazz, contemporary dance, and visual art.”

To bring S!CK to life, tyroneisaacstuart enlisted a cast of stellar collaborators including Moses Boyd, Theon Cross, Shirley Tetteh, Nikos Zarkias, Jamie Murray, Jack Polley, Reiss Ellis Beckles, Kwaku Aacht and Zuri Jarret-Boswell.

We’ll have to wait until November 11th for the album to be out through New Soil but we can now hear a transcending new cut from it called ‘Knees’, featuring Theon Cross on tuba pulse and Moses Boyd on drums. Speaking about the track, tyroneisaacstuart  comments:

”Knees means a lot to me because it was the first time I’d written a song using dance as a creative tool for songwriting. Some would know the quote/book “the body keeps the score”. I agree, it not only keeps the score which helps us tell the story. Our body is full of stories, and knees is a reminder be sensitive to that.”

‘Knees’ is offered with a sublime video, directed and co-choreographed by the man himself. Here it is.