FAST DE shares two singles from impending debut album Sight Inside

Photo: Latoya van der Meeren

Known for his membership in indie and jazz outfits like Jo Goes Hunting, Opera Alaska, and Karsu, Dutch composer and multi-instrumentalist Daniël Eskens is gearing up to release his debut album under the moniker FAST DE. Entitled Sight Inside, the album amalgamates a plethora of genres including avant-jazz, leftfield electronica, and expansive psych and Eskens cites influences from Billy Strayhorn to Soulwax, Bela Bartok to Brian Wilson.

Sight Inside is set for release on July 22nd through Bloomer Records and FAST DE had previously let loose two exhilarating singles off it, ‘Miss Trutti Finally Found Her Gem’ and the title track. Speaking about the latter, Eskens comments:

“Sight Inside is a track about the process of overthinking something. Every sound is a thought, and they play and communicate with each other as if they’re having a discussion. These sounds all start apart from each other and have their own subdivisions, but eventually end up as one organic sound, or one conclusion. I’m trying to show the process of looking at a problem from different angles and having a discussion with yourself. Then getting lost in all these perspectives and eventually ending up thinking you found the answer, but actually you realize that you know to less to really say something.”

Miss Trutti Finally Found Her Gem” is offered with a brilliant visual accompaniment created by audio-visual composer and software developer Tarik Barri. Here’s both singles.

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