Mixtape #74 by The Heliocentrics

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We're huge fans of London based collective The Heliocentrics, whose groovy and cosmic tunes move through genres as diverse as jazz, funk, hip-hop and psychedelia. And we're stoked to have the band's mastermind and mightily relentless drummer Malcolm Catto put together this month's mixtape. Catto, who has played, produced and recorded with more celebrated artists than we could possibly list here, is one of the most versatile and funkiest drummers out there. So get into his headspace with this utterly rad mix of tunes!

  1. Ennio Morricone – Da Uomo A Uomo [RCA / GDM]
  2. Wire – Strange [Harvest]
  3. The Fall – Frightened [Step-Forward]
  4. This Heat – Horizontal Hold [These Records]
  5. Butthole Surfers – 22 Going on 23 [Blast First / Touch And Go]
  6. Brainticket – Watchin’ You [Durium / Bellaphon]
  7. Mandrake Memorial – Hiding [Poppy]
  8. Mecki Mark Men – Opening [Philips / Limelight]
  9. Music in The World of Islam – Wedding Procession (Marrakesh)
  10. Zanagoria – Mono-Tone [Gemelli ‎]
  11. Clyde Borly and His Percussions – Afromania [Atco Records]
  12. Maurice Jarre – Battaglia a Tchelenko [EMI]
  13. Camille Sauvage – Funny Seven [Mondiophone, Crea Sound]
  14. Hans Dulfer — King Size Davy [Catfish]
  15. The Battered Ornaments – Smoke Rings [Harvest / EMI]
  16. Francois De Roubaix – Les Dunes D’ostende
  17. Rail Band – Moudilo

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