Thiago Nassif shares Cornelius remix of ‘Pele de Leopardo’ from latest album Mente

A year on from the release of Thiago Nassif’s widely acclaimed album Mente, the phenomenal multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer has shared a remix of album track ‘Pele de Leopardo’ by maverick musician and producer Cornelius. DJ and broadcaster Nick Luscombe, who triggered this collaboration, commented:

“So for me, it’s been really wonderful to be able to connect two of my all time favourite artists from each country via this brilliant remix! I’m certain there will be more to follow and I am already excited by the potential of a new collaboration between Keigo and Thiago – which already sounds like a perfect Japan/Brazil duo!”

Reflecting about the remix, Thiago said:

“Pele de Leopardo means Leopard Skin, some would say it’s a method of changing your own skin into something else, like wearing a disguise or an overlapping layer. Somehow Cornelius found my music and posted it on his famous Instagram song playlist. This skin that travelled from one continent to another at leopard’s speed got to Japan! His skin got to me way before with “Sensuous” and “Point”-his way of composing music was like sacred geometry to me. Now, in the form of a remix, here is Cornelius’ way of overlapping his skin on mine. It is not a disguise but something that reveals the song even more.”

Listen to the remix below.

In other related news, Gearbox Records is also releasing Thiago’s third album Três as a Japanese Edition CD on June 30th.

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