Le Guess Who?’s Who 2022: Thiago Nassif

There’s less than three weeks to go before Le Guess Who? takes over Utrecht. With over 150 artists set to perform, how do we make sense of such a monumental line-up? We made a list of the artists we’re most excited to see and asked them for their recommendations.


Thiago Nassif


Performing Sunday 13th November

Ever prolific, phenomenal multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer Thiago Nassif counts numerous audacious projects under his belt, spanning a wide spectrum of artistic expression in the fields of music, photography, architecture and plastic arts. A mainstay in the Brazilian music scene, he conquered our ears with his 2020 Arto Lindsay-coproduced Mente, an album of bewildering scope incorporating elements of everything from no-wave, electronic music, Tropicalismo, jazz, rock and pop. When we asked Thiago for his 3 recommendations for the festival, he got carried away and picked 5 artists. Find out who they are below, with a few words from him.


Oumou Sangaré


Performing Sunday 13th November

“I hear guitars that intrigues me and sounds from my ancestors.”



Performing Friday 11th November

“I heard of them from Arto Lindsay, Northern Spy is one of the labels I enjoy the most. Curious to see what kind of performance they will bring to the festival”

Charlotte Adigéry & Bolis Pupul


Performing Saturday 12th November

“Got in touch with them by Instagram, It was great to get to know a little bit of their electronic and performatic music”



Performing Sunday 13th November

“My middle name is Farah, so I’m Thiago Farah Nassif. Her poetry about our common name made me understand more about my roots”

DJ Diaki

Performing Saturday 12th November (as part of Nyege Nyege presents African High Tempo)

“Bella who’s playing electronics with me on this tour, among with Claudio Brito (percussion), is a sound and visual artist, she got me into the Nyege Nyege mix tapes, couldn’t believe what I was hearing, it sounds to me that the way they create their music music relates a lot with the Brazilian Funk movement we have here, very cutting edge”

Le Guess Who? will take place 10-13 November. For the full line-up, tickets and more info visit leguesswho.com. And take a look at other artists we’re excited about picking their own Le Guess Who?’s Who.

Thiago Nassif shares Cornelius remix of ‘Pele de Leopardo’ from latest album Mente

A year on from the release of Thiago Nassif’s widely acclaimed album Mente, the phenomenal multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer has shared a remix of album track ‘Pele de Leopardo’ by maverick musician and producer Cornelius. DJ and broadcaster Nick Luscombe, who triggered this collaboration, commented:

“So for me, it’s been really wonderful to be able to connect two of my all time favourite artists from each country via this brilliant remix! I’m certain there will be more to follow and I am already excited by the potential of a new collaboration between Keigo and Thiago – which already sounds like a perfect Japan/Brazil duo!”

Reflecting about the remix, Thiago said:

“Pele de Leopardo means Leopard Skin, some would say it’s a method of changing your own skin into something else, like wearing a disguise or an overlapping layer. Somehow Cornelius found my music and posted it on his famous Instagram song playlist. This skin that travelled from one continent to another at leopard’s speed got to Japan! His skin got to me way before with “Sensuous” and “Point”-his way of composing music was like sacred geometry to me. Now, in the form of a remix, here is Cornelius’ way of overlapping his skin on mine. It is not a disguise but something that reveals the song even more.”

Listen to the remix below.

In other related news, Gearbox Records is also releasing Thiago’s third album Três as a Japanese Edition CD on June 30th.

Mixtape #116

July is off to a wonderful start with the release of Thiago Nassif’s new album Mente. Based in Rio de Janeiro, the phenomenal multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer conquered our ears with his compositions merging and exploring elements of no-wave, electronic music, Tropicalismo, jazz, rock and pop. His body of work spans a wide spectrum of artistic expression and influences, also drawing from photography, architecture and plastic arts. So we're thrilled to unveil the superb mixtape he put together for us, mirroring his array of influences. Press play and enjoy!

  1. Tom Zé – Toc (Instrumental) [Mr Bongo]
  2. Walter Franco – Eternamente [Continental]
  3. Arto Lindsay – Tone [Righteous Babe Records / Rykodisc]
  4. Church of Cleanliness – Gift To The World
  5. James Chance and the Contortions – Design To Kill [ZE Records]
  6. Einstürzende Neubauten – 12305(te) Nacht [Mute]
  7. Dorival Caymmi – Morena Do Mar [Odeon]
  8. Caetano Veloso – A Base de Guantánamo [Universal Music / Nonesuch]
  9. Afoxé Filhos de Gandhi- Cantico para Exu [Fundação Cultural Do Estado Da Bahia]
  10. José Miguel Wisnik and Tom Zé – Xiquexique
  11. Ava Rocha – Patrya [Circus]
  12. Donna Summer – State of Independence [Geffen Records / Warner Bros.]
  13. Fausto Fawcett e os Robos Efêmeros – Katia Flavia a Godiva de Irajá [WEA]
  14. MC Neguinho do ITR – Popotão Grandão
  15. Cinema – Sem Teto [Music From Memory]
  16. Tantão e Os Fita – Vai Não Volta [QTV Label]
  17. Banda Reflexus – Madagascar Olodum [Som Livre]
  18. Naná Vasconcelos e Itamar Assumpção – Justo Você Berenice [Elo Music]
  19. Prince – Clouds [Warner Bros. / NPG Records]

Listen to Thiago Nassif’s new single ‘Plástico’

Last month we heard ‘Soar Estranho’, the lead single from Thiago Nassif‘s upcoming album, Mente, which sees him continuing to explore and merge various influences, including no-wave, electronic music, Tropicalismo, jazz and rock. Now the Brazilian multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer is giving us another taste from the record with new single ‘Plástico’. It “offers a criticism of the institutionalized “white cube” format of art galleries”, as the press release describes, and “is evidence that music can be all at once jarring and discordant, yet also head-noddingly catchy and satisfying.” Take a listen below.

Mente is out on July 3rd through Gearbox Records.

Thiago Nassif announces new album, Mente, and shares lead single ‘Soar Estranho’

Brazilian multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer Thiago Nassif made big waves with his last album, 2016’s Três, and he’s ready to release a follow-up later this year. Entitled Mente, the record is slated for a July 3rd release through Gearbox Records. As with his previous record, it was co-produced by Arto Lindsay and it sees Nassif continue to explore various influences, such as no-wave, electronic music, Tropicalismo, jazz and rock.

Mente has a double meaning in Portuguese, translating as mind and lying. “I chose this name mainly because Portuguese is the only language that connects these two semantic possibilities: thinking and lying,”, Nassif explained. “And also because now we are living this post-truth political era, where Brazil is at the top of the charts in these matters right now.”

For a taste of what to expect, check out his lead single, ‘Soar Estranho’, sung both in Portuguese and in English. Here it is.