Mixtape #55 by Elfin Saddle


The earthy and intense music of Elfin Saddle, with its large melting pot of influences, is as inventive and edgy as warm and emotionally engaging. Co-founded by multi-instrumentalists Emi Honda and Jordan McKenzie, the band's compositions are like delicately crafted invitations to wonderment. Naturally we were delighted when Elfin Saddle agreed to put together our first mixtape of the autumn. And here it is, filled with tracks that will make the summer want to stick around a bit longer.

  1. OOIOO – Grow Sound Tree [Thrill Jockey Records]
  2. The Silt – What I Have Been Through [Rat-Drifting]
  3. Alan Lomax – Whoa Buck [Tradition]
  4. Brian Eno – A Clearing [Editions EG / Virgin Records]
  5. Stereolab – Tomorrow Is Already Here [Duophonic / Elektra]
  6. A Hawk And A Hacksaw – Maremaillette [Leaf / Cloud recordings]
  7. Jun Togawa – Industry Trilogy [Teichiku Records / Alfa Records, Inc]
  8. Henri Texier – L’ultime danse [Disques JMS]
  9. Black Ox Orkestar – Ratsekr Grec [Constellation]
  10. Chuna Mcintyre And Marie Meade – The Man In The Moon [Inukshuk Records]
  11. Don Slepian – Awakening (excerpt) [Light In The Attic]
  12. Shunzo Tsukiji & Rika Kamimura – Tinsagu the Balsamine Flower
  13. Silver Apples – I Don’t Care What The People Say [Whirlybird Records / Bully Records]
  14. John Wright – The Shaskeen Road [Topic]
  15. Lal & Mike Waterson – Winifer Odd [Trailer]
  16. Laurie Anderson – Big Science [Warner Bros. Records]

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