Mixtape #105

July is here and with it comes our monthly mixtape, curated this time around by Honey Oat, the duo of Gabe Stout and Janak JP, who won us over earlier this year with their grand self-titled debut album. Their ebullient and exciting compositions incorporate elements of jazz and funk and Zimbabwean Shona music. We’re thrilled they found the time to put together this stunning mix, featuring incredible songs from a myriad genres and styles, with artists from the likes of Stereolab, Juan Wauters, Beverly Glenn Copeland, Bermuda Triangle and many more. Enjoy!

  1. Sly and the Family Stone – If This Room Could Talk [Epic]
  2. Stereolab – I’m Going Out of My Way [Duophonic Ultra High Frequency Disks / Elektra]
  3. Combo Chimbita – Brillo Mas Que El Oro (La Bala Apuntadome) [Epitaph]
  4. Bermuda Triangle – Suzanne
  5. Glenn Jones – Of Its Own Kind [Thrill Jockey]
  6. Juan Wauters – Dos [Captured Tracks]
  7. Micachu and the Shapes – Sea Air [Rough Trade]
  8. Richard Swift – Dirty Jim [Secretly Canadian]
  9. Martha Reeves & the Vandellas – (Love Is Like A) Heat Wave [Motown]
  10. Quinton Brock – Hold Me [Astro Nautico]
  11. SHIVA LINGA – Gone With the Wind [Shivani Desai]
  12. Norma Tanega – Illusion [RCA Victor]
  13. Big Thief – Cattails [4AD]
  14. Beverly Glenn Copeland  – Sunset Village [RCA Victor Atlast Records]

Mixtape #55

The earthy and intense music of Elfin Saddle, with its large melting pot of influences, is as inventive and edgy as warm and emotionally engaging. Co-founded by multi-instrumentalists Emi Honda and Jordan McKenzie, the band's compositions are like delicately crafted invitations to wonderment. Naturally we were delighted when Elfin Saddle agreed to put together our first mixtape of the autumn. And here it is, filled with tracks that will make the summer want to stick around a bit longer.


3rd Spin

  1. Io Echo – When Lillies Die
  2. Stereolab – Sun Demon
  3. Dan Deacon – Pink Batman
  4. Celebration – Hands Off My Gold
  5. Teeth Mountain – Keinsein
  6. So Percussion and Matmos – Treasure
  7. Jono McCleery – Tomorrow
  8. Sister Suvi – Violence Wild Thing
  9. Mahjongg – Tell The Police The Truth
  10. Prince Rama – Lightening Fossil
  11. Luis Costa – Little Maestro
  12. Won James Won – Tanta Di Panza 77
  13. Slouch – The Wires (Skylines EP version)
  14. Señor Coconut – Trans Europe Express (Cumbia)
  15. Hayvanlar Alemi – Mavi Sepet