Mixtape #140

With a career spanning more than two decades, celebrated British composer, multi-instrumentalist and producer Danny Mulhern has amassed a portfolio of award winning film and tv soundtrack work, solo releases and a long standing collaboration with the London Contemporary Orchestra. This month he is set to step in the spotlight again with the release of his fifth album, Singing Through Others, a beautiful sonic triumph effortlessly marrying contemporary classical music with elements of ambient and electronic. We’re over the moon to unveil his sublime mix giving a thumbs up to some of the artists that have inspired him.

  1. Mary Lattimore – Sometimes He’s In My Dreams [Ghostly International]
  2. N KRAMER – Wading Through The Grass [Leaving Records]
  3. Woo – Waterdrum [Independent Project Records / Drag City]
  4. Woo – Sarah [Emotional Rescue]
  5. Felbm – Florissant
  6. Danny Mulhern – Cloud Cuckoo [Enate Music / Kontor Media]
  7. Andrew Wasylyk – A Further Look at Loss [Athens Of The North]
  8. Beata Hlavenková – Scenery [Animal Music]
  9. Dave Okumu – Son Of Emmerson [Transgressive Records]
  10. Moondog – Bird’s Lament [Kopf]
  11. Daniel Herskedal – The Mariner’s Cross [Edition Records]
  12. Matthew Halsall – Mindfulness Meditations [Gondwana Records]
  13. Absolutely Free – How To Paint Clouds (Joseph Shabason Remix) [Boiled Records]
  14. Corntuth – D-005 [Flow State Records]
  15. Chico Hamilton – Andante [Pacific Jazz]
  16. Joseph Shabason – Our Place ft. Thom Gill [Western Vinyl]
  17. Max Cooper – Inanimate to Animate ft. Kotomi [Mesh]
  18. Kafari – What If
  19. G.S. Schray – District Lizards [Last Resort]
  20. Corntuth – A-001 [Flow State Records]
  21. Dictaphone – 808.14.4 [Denovali Records]
  22. Slow Attach Ensemble – Dance Four [Reliable Effects]
  23. Caroline Shaw and Sō Percussion – The Flood Is Following Me [Nonesuch Records]
  24. Quest Ensemble – The Boatman [PFT Records]
  25. Group Listening – Wenn Der Südwind Weht [PRAH]
  26. Felbm – Tandem [Soundway]
  27. Wilson Tanner – Before Lotus [Growing Bin Records]

Buke and Gase and So Percussion announce collaborative album, A Record of…

Buke and Gase, the inventive duo of Arone Dyer and Aron Sanchez, are back with a new album following last year’s Scholars. Entitled A Record of… , the album is a collaboration with contemporary percussion ensemble So Percussion, and saw the two groups work together in a 300-year-old house in Hudson, NY. A Record of… is set for release on January 29th through Brassland and they have already let loose its opening track, ‘Diazepam’.” Dyer comments about it:

“Diazepam” is a deep dive into my psyche and you’ll find this cycling — a reminder not to look to others to keep my sanity or pose, and that sometimes being chemically altered is the only welcome thing that will break the spell of obsessive self-doubt. It can be read as a response to this very stressful year (or 4), or a reminder to hug yourself, which has always been a contrivation to me. “Hug myself?” …Yeah. The way you’d hug the person or animal or item you feel most protected by, and the most protection for. It can be a gentle, loving embrace to the ears and nothing more.”

Listen to ‘Diazepam” below.

Mixtape #52

We've said it before and we'll say it again: we are huge fans of John Colpitts aka Kid Millions, the genius Brooklyn based multi-instrumentalist and composer behind drum ensemble Man Forever. Over the years, he has lent his drumming talents to a plethora of inspired and diverse projects. So we're ecstatic to present this month's mixtape featuring over an hour of music selected by Kid Millions himself. Without further ado, drum roll... Play!


Watch the video for Man Forever & So Percussion’s ‘The Clear Realization’

Man Forever - The Clear Realization

We’re huge fans of John Colpitts aka Kid Millions, the genius Brooklyn-based multi-instrumentalist, composer and writer behind drum ensemble Man Forever, also one of the founding members and drummer of Oneida, amongst many other projects and collaborations. His latest release sees him collaborating with contemporary percussion ensemble So Percussion.
After performing together at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, they hit the studio to record Ryonen, a two-piece collaboration featuring ‘The Clear Realization’ and the title track.
As the press release puts it, “the two pieces on Ryonen are rhythmically seductive and instantly exciting while retaining the experimental legacy that Man Forever has cultivated over several albums and relentless touring”.

If you haven’t yet been seduced by Ryonen, here’s the stunning video that accompanies ‘The Clear Realization’, directed by Gabe DeLoach. Watch it now and grab the record via Thrill Jockey.

3rd Spin

  1. Io Echo – When Lillies Die
  2. Stereolab – Sun Demon
  3. Dan Deacon – Pink Batman
  4. Celebration – Hands Off My Gold
  5. Teeth Mountain – Keinsein
  6. So Percussion and Matmos – Treasure
  7. Jono McCleery – Tomorrow
  8. Sister Suvi – Violence Wild Thing
  9. Mahjongg – Tell The Police The Truth
  10. Prince Rama – Lightening Fossil
  11. Luis Costa – Little Maestro
  12. Won James Won – Tanta Di Panza 77
  13. Slouch – The Wires (Skylines EP version)
  14. Señor Coconut – Trans Europe Express (Cumbia)
  15. Hayvanlar Alemi – Mavi Sepet