Mixtape #52

We've said it before and we'll say it again: we are huge fans of John Colpitts aka Kid Millions, the genius Brooklyn based multi-instrumentalist and composer behind drum ensemble Man Forever. Over the years, he has lent his drumming talents to a plethora of inspired and diverse projects. So we're ecstatic to present this month's mixtape featuring over an hour of music selected by Kid Millions himself. Without further ado, drum roll... Play!


Watch the video for Man Forever & So Percussion’s ‘The Clear Realization’

Man Forever - The Clear Realization

We’re huge fans of John Colpitts aka Kid Millions, the genius Brooklyn-based multi-instrumentalist, composer and writer behind drum ensemble Man Forever, also one of the founding members and drummer of Oneida, amongst many other projects and collaborations. His latest release sees him collaborating with contemporary percussion ensemble So Percussion.
After performing together at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, they hit the studio to record Ryonen, a two-piece collaboration featuring ‘The Clear Realization’ and the title track.
As the press release puts it, “the two pieces on Ryonen are rhythmically seductive and instantly exciting while retaining the experimental legacy that Man Forever has cultivated over several albums and relentless touring”.

If you haven’t yet been seduced by Ryonen, here’s the stunning video that accompanies ‘The Clear Realization’, directed by Gabe DeLoach. Watch it now and grab the record via Thrill Jockey.

Man Forever drops video for ‘Surface Patterns’ (excerpt)

Man Forever, the project of Oneida’s drummer Kid Millions, first saw the light in 2010. Kid Millions founded the project to perform his experimental drum compositions. As the label’s blurb puts it, Kid Millions’ “vehicle for exploring the outer limits of drum performance, was created to overwhelm, to investigate the nuances that bloom in the midst of repetitive music, and to act as a pure sound experience.”

Man Forever’s highly anticipated third new album, Pansophical Cataract, will hit stores on May 14th via Thrill Jockey. The album can be pre-ordered here, and the first 500 orders will be pressed in a limited edition orange vinyl.

As previously posted, Pansophical Cataract features two tracks, ‘Surface Patterns’ and ‘Ur Eternity’, and both were trimmed  from 30 and 40-minute live versions to around 18-minute pieces.
Man Forever has just unveiled a pretty cool video for an excerpt from ‘Surface Patterns’ made by SR Palm. It’s a feast for the ears and the eyes. Check it out.

Man Forever set to release new album in May

Man Forever - Pansophical CataractJust over a month ago, Thrill Jockey added Man Forever to their roster and I’ve  been eagerly anticipating a new release. May 14th will see the release of Man Forever’s new album entitled Pansophical Cataract, the first release on Thrill Jockey.

Man Forever started in 2010 as a full drum set ensemble formed by multi-instrumentalist, composer and writer John Colpitts (aka Kid Millions), also the drummer and founding member of Oneida.

Here’s how Pansophical Cataract is described on the issued press release:

“Pansophical Cataract is propulsive without a pulse. Patterns evolve and burst through the static surface of the material, much of which was produced by electric instruments, though “Ur Eternity” remains mostly drums with only a few bass tracks making an appearance. The sounds created by these instruments were based on the drones that Colpitts hears when he is practicing (the not fully conscious singing or humming that arises when one practices alone), and then augmented and enhanced by the other musicians on the record. The repetitive rolls create a phasing effect, a music in and of itself, and the dynamic shifts that occur when the other instruments enter become not mere notes, but grand events.”

The forthcoming album consists of two tracks, ‘Surface Patterns’ and ‘Ur Eternity’, trimmed from their original 30 and 40-minute live versions to around 18-minute pieces and I can’t wait to listen to them.