LWW unveils new single ‘DTE’ off upcoming album 3PE

We couldn’t be more excited about 3PE, the forthcoming album from incredibly multi-talented and inventive artist and composer Luke Wyland under his new moniker LWW. Arriving in less than a week, 3PE is an album of improvisations and marks Wyland’s first album in six years. Preceding the record release on July 20th through The Leaf Label, and after enticing us with the first staggering single ‘CTP‘, LWW has unleashed another tremendous single, ‘DTE’. Here’s what he had to say about it:

“‘DTE’ is one of the first improvisations I recorded when I began experimenting with crafting my own tuning systems years ago. It’s a one take improvisation played live using 3 different sounds supplemented by a loop pedal. There’s something so refreshing about inhabiting an entirely new tuning system after a lifetime of living within the world of equal temperament – as if visiting an exotic ecosystem for the first time. A mysterious logic emerges that frees me from habits and patterns long conditioned into my playing that conjures entirely new emotional responses.”

Now wrap your ears around the stellar and outlandish synth sounds of ‘DTE’.

Luke Wyland unveils new solo project LWW and announces new album 3PE

We have eagerly been waiting for a new album from Luke Wyland for a long time and news of his return have finally emerged. The Portland, Oregon based multi-talented and inventive artist is back with a new solo project called LWW and an album of improvisations entitled 3PE.
Under AU, his previous duo outfit, Wyland last released Both Lights, which was an Album Pick of 2012 and remains an active favourite. He may not have released an album in six years, but he has been busy with a multitude of other unique projects and stellar collaborations, including film and dance and most recently composing and performing with the 155 singers of the Camas High School Choir.

3PE will see the light of day on July 20th through The Leaf Label. Unlike his previous efforts, the compositions on the record “are spontaneous, otherworldly explorations in repetition”, describes the press release, “alternate tuning systems and, for the most part, tempered minimalism.” Wyland explains:

“There’s a certain fleeting magic to capturing unselfconscious improvisations to tape. A quality that is often lost when tracking an album you intend to release to the public.”

The wonderful news comes paired with a staggering single, the epic opening track ‘CTP’, which is the only improvisation that Wyland “dissected and evolved into a more maximalist composition”. Clocking in at almost ten minutes and seamlessly moving through different sections, ‘CTP’ begs for repeated listens.