Mixtape #158

A powerhouse in contemporary jazz, Dutch-Belgian acoustic-electronic piano trio De Beren Gieren, consisting of pianist Fulco Ottervanger, Lieven Van Pée on bass, and Simon Segers on drums, have garnered numerous accolades, collaborated with several renowned artists and appeared at major festivals in Europe and elsewhere since their inception in 2009. With a phenomenal seventh album, What Eludes Us, released just a few days ago, De Beren Gieren continue to showcase their boundless creativity. Their music, always full of surprises, is adventurous and exciting, weaving intricate melodies and polyrhythmic soundscapes with improvisation, minimalism and their unique vibrant energy. We’re ecstatic to unveil the mixtape they put together for us this month, offering a glimpse into the influences and inspirations shaping their music. Brace yourself for the unexpected!

  1. Louis Sclavis, Aldo Romano & Henri Texier – Bororo Dance [Label Bleu]
  2. Jozef Dumoulin Trio – Fuga X [BeeJazz] 0:06:48
  3. Fumio Hayasaka – Extraordinary Man [Doxy] 0:11:20
  4. Stein Urheim & Jørgen Træen – Konglekjertelen [Hubro] 0:12:28
  5. Vectrex – Hs C [Marcel Records] 0:15:20
  6. Baka Pygmies – Hut Song 0:21:49
  7. YHWH Nailgun – Castrato Raw (fullback) 0:25:13
  8. MGMT – Forest Elf [MGMT Records] 0:27:16
  9. The John Lurie National Orchestra – Flutter [Amulet Records] 0:29:49
  10. Dijf Sanders – Seven Fridays A Day [Unday Records] 0:31:40
  11. Keith Jarrett – 3 0:35:54
  12. SCHNTZL – Dante [cortizona] 0:39:53
  13. Szun Waves – Fall into Water [LEAF] 0:42:50
  14. Beraadgeslagen – Doelloze Doelman [W.E.R.F.] 0:49:20
  15. Craig Taborn Trio – Beat The Ground [ECM Records] 0:52:26
  16. Robert Wyatt – Alliance [Rough Trade / Virgin] 0:56:26
  17. The Necks – Daylights [ReR Megacorp] 1:00:44

Szun Waves reveal third preview track, ‘In The Moon House’, from forthcoming record

Szun Waves‘ eagerly awaited new album Earth Patterns will see the light of day next Friday August 19th through The Leaf Label. This week the trio of Laurence Pike, Luke Abbott and Jack Willie shared ‘In The Moon House’, the third and final preview single from the record. It comes with an accompanying video created by Dom Harwood / Infinite Vibes and you can watch it below.

Szun Waves announce new album, Earth Patterns

Four years on from the release of New Hymn To Freedom, which was one of our Albums Picks of 2018, Szun Waves are back to dazzle us with their third album, Earth Patterns. Laurence Pike, Luke Abbott and Jack Willie, the three extraordinary and accomplished musicians that make up Szun Waves, got together for three days of improvisation at the end of their 2019 European tour, which resulted in hours of music. Speaking about the record, Abbott says:

“I think the record we’ve ended up with is an emotional outpouring. There’s a fluidity to it that feels like we tapped into something quite raw. The last record felt like drifting in space but I see this new record as a journey from the outer reaches of the universe down onto the earth, like a macrocosm to microcosm arc.”

Earth Patterns is set for release on August 19th through The Leaf Label and ahead of it they have shared the transcendent ‘New Universe’. The single comes with an accompanying video directed by Dom Harwood and you can watch it below.

Watch Szun Waves’ video for ‘Moon Runes’

A firm favourite this year, Szun Waves‘ second album New Hymn To Freedom grabbed us by the heart and refuses to let go. The trio’s third single, the transcendent ‘Moon Runes’, has been laced with a gorgeous video by director/AV designer Sam Wiehl, who had this to say:

“The new visual continues the themes of deep space geography and landscape coupled with ideas around microbiology and microorganisms. Content in this video and the previous video for ‘Constellation’ were designed to be used in the band’s new live AV show.”

Watch the video below.

New Hymn To Freedom is out now on The Leaf Label.