Watch the short film for Kaada’s ‘Farewell’

Norwegian composer, multi-instrumentalist and producer Kaada has unveiled a beautiful short film to accompany the cinematic and striking ‘Farewell’, lifted from his utterly sublime album Closing Statements, which was one of our 15 Album Picks of 2018. Filmed in several locations like LA, Shanghai, Romania, Iceland and Norway, the film was directed by Christian Holm-Glad, who had this this to say about it:

“As people, we are scared to make changes. We are afraid of being alone. We are afraid of not making money, so we do the same routines every day. We are risk adverse, but when you dare to do something else, it is often the best decision in life.”

Kaada also commented on it:

“I met photographer Daniel Voldheim and Christian Holm-Glad by chance some 15+ yrs ago. Little did I know then that this encounter would result in the great collaboration we have today. It is a privilege to work with someone who manages to translate my musical world into images and stories so seamlessly.”

Watch the short film for ‘Farewell’ below.

Mixtape #96

We're thrilled to have composer, multi-instrumentalist and producer Kaada curating this month's mixtape. He conquered our ears a long time ago with his numerous and diverse projects spanning a wide range of genres, from classical to avant-garde, to rock and electronic. Member of the band Cloroform, he also frequently collaborates with Mike Patton and composes film scores as well as producing his own solo works, the latest of which, just out last week, is the utterly sublime album Closing Statements. Here's a few words from Kaada to accompany his magnificent sonic selection from traditional and modern classical composers.

"This playlist represents the music that I have been listening to the last month, and tracks that I have drawn inspiration from as i am working on my current projects. These are all really great tracks, to my ears."

  1. Donnacha Dennehy: Nadia Sirota, Liam Byrne – Part 2 [Bedroom Community]
  2. Ben Lukas Boysen – You’ll Miss Us One Day [Ad Noiseam / Erased Tapes]
  3. Roomful of Teeth (Caroline Shaw) – Partita for 8 singers – Part 2 Sarabande [New Amsterdam Records]
  4. Lutosławski (Alexander Liebreich & Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra) – Musique funèbre à la mémoire de Béla Bartók: Prolog Prologue [Accentus Music]
  5. Owen Pallett – Lewis Takes Off His Shirt [Domino]
  6. John Tavener (The Choir Of The Temple Church) – The Lamb [Decca]
  7. Castiglioni (Teresia Bokor)- Salmo XIX [Chandos]
  8. Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith – An Intention [Western Vinyl]
  9. Osvaldo Golijov – Vision: Bautismo en la Cruz [Deutsche Grammophon]
  10. A Winged Victory For The Sullen – Requiem For The Static King Part One [Erased Tapes / Kranky]
  11. Richard Reed Parry – Duet For Heart And Breath [Deutsche Grammophon]
  12. Játékok (Gábor Csalog) – VIII: Flowers We Are – For Miyako (For Four Hands) [BMC]
  13. Arvo Pärt (Estonian National Symphony Orchestra) – Summa [Virgin]

Kaada teases upcoming album with closing track ‘Home In the Dark’

Last month we heard and loved ‘Farewell’ and ‘Unknown Destination’, two magnificent, cinematic and striking tracks taken from Kaada‘s upcoming album Closing Statements. With release day quickly and excitingly approaching, the Norwegian composer and multi-instrumentalist is enticing us even more with a new cut from the record, the poignantly beautiful ‘Home In the Dark’. Take a listen below.

Closing Statements is out on May 25th through Mirakel Recordings.

Kaada shares two tracks from upcoming new album Closing Statements

There’s a new album on the horizon from Norwegian composer and multi-instrumentalist Kaada. Entitled Closing Statements, it follows Bacteria Cult, his collaborative album with Mike Patton released in 2016, and last year’s score for Angels Are Made of Light.
The album title refers to people’s last uttered words, with the subject of death as the central theme. Kaada explains:

“There is a mysterious aim over the final words of the dying. What does these last words reveal about life, death and consciousness? These words give a glimpse into the individual’s overall feelings and experiences. The underlying message of the album is that we have to listen to each other. In a modern world where people mostly don’t have the time or interests to get to know one another, we need to be reminded that we need to listen. At least… when somebody is about to say their last words.”

Closing Statement arrives on May 25th through Mirakel Recordings and Kaada is enticing us now with two magnificent, cinematic and striking tracks, ‘Farewell’ and ‘Unknown Destination’.